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An article from the local newspaper magazine, Kharisma, which announces me as a new author with a hidden identity.

My first book signing was at my hometown public library. I was nervous since it was my first. I soon relaxed and enjoyed talking to many old friends I hadn't seen for some time.

Me posing for Sterling Gazette newspaper photographer at my home.
Book signing at Book World at
Northland Mall in Sterling, IL.
Princeton, IL  author fair  Fall of 2018
Elgin author fair 2018.jpg
Elgin, IL  author fair  2018
Sterling Public Library author fair 2018
Author fair at Savanna, IL 2017
Overlook at Savanna author fair. Ken Meeker, a friend from our writers' group, hosted this. You can see him against the wall on the lower right.
thumbnail (3).jpg
thumbnail (2).jpg
Me at an Elgin, IL author fair with my eyes closed, unfortunately.  2017
thumbnail (4).jpg
thumbnail (12).jpg
My good friend and leader of my writers' group...Kay Clark. You can tell we were at the same table in Elgin as my books are beside her.
Craft fair at Rock Falls Community Building   2018
Craft fair at First Christian Church
              Rock Falls, IL   2018
Craft fair at Parkway Center, Sterling,IL.
 Summer of 2018  My crocheted blankets were on a rack outside picture range.
Craft fair in Nelson, IL.  2018
Overlook of Nelson craft fair
Craft fair at Rock Falls, Community Building, spring 2019. The crafter behind me had left when this picture was taken. I had started packing when I remembered I hadn't had a picture taken yet.

June 15, 2019 at the Art Showing and Book signing at the Savanna Museum and Cultural Center...
Crowd was slim but my sales were good. I enjoyed talking to customers, as always. My upcoming book "Against their Will" a story of alien abduction, was at the top of discussions.


Steven M. Moore interviews Callie Norse


me at Princeton.jpg
Princeton author fair 
Sept. 28, 2019
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