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Callie Norse

Callie Norse

Callie was born and raised in a small town in Northern Illinois and continues to reside close by with her husband. As a child she would rather read than anything. She walked to the town library often to return her allotted number of books and check out more for the next weeks. She loved reading mysteries. She hadn’t considered writing until her eighth grade teacher required the students to write short stories. This teacher, Edna Johnson, was such an inspiration to her writing, that she dedicated the last book of her series to her.

She worked in banking for seven years. After marrying and expecting her first child, she retired to raise a family. She has three adult sons, and six grandchildren. When her children were young and asleep for the night, she again began writing short stories, not thinking she had the time to devote to writing novels or to even consider publishing.

It wasn’t until after the loss of both parents, 16 days apart, did she considering writing a novel. She wrote about her parents coinciding illnesses and how difficult it was for her and her siblings to lose both parents so close together. Her siblings consented to allow her to publish their personal story, later realizing it might be best to keep it private.

Since the death of her parents, she was now interested in paranormal. Using one of her short stories as a plot basis, she wrote her first novel, For the Love of Lisa, published September 2010, combining her interest in the paranormal, her childhood interest in mystery, and her latest interest in romance novels. After receiving much encouragement from readers, she went on to write the second of the series, A Love Too Soon, published August 2011. By now her readers were attached to her characters and wanting more of the Carringtons'. Some spoke of reading well into the night as they couldn’t put the books down. They mentioned how all the twists and turns kept them reading. She then wrote the third of the series The Anniversary…not to be forgotten, published August 2012. This completed the trilogy, which was her goal. Next she wrote the short story eBook, “Taken”. When she learned her readers were disappointed the series had ended, and knowing how much her characters were also a part of her, she quietly wrote the fourth and last of the series, Flashes from the Past, published June 2014. Callie isn’t planning to write more novels, but does talk of eventually publishing more short story eBooks. Later Callie's desires to write flared up again. She then published Lilah's Agony.  After publishing that 5th book, she decided it was time to publish the book of her parents last months, Saying Goodbye to Mom and Dad.She felt it was time to take her nephew up on his suggestion to expand her short story, Taken. This story is now written, and is in the editing process. Her goal is to publish this book, Against Their Will, with a Traditional publisher. She feels this will be her last book. But, will it be?

Besides writing, Callie loves to read, sew, crochet, cross-stitch, watch movies, and spend time with family. Her favorite foods are steak, nachos and tacos. Her favorite drink is diet Coke.

You can reach Callie at:

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